We are a group of producers and exporters of fruit and vegetables with commercial headquarters in Seville and Cádiz and farms in the most productive areas of Andalusia

We produce a wide range of products: SWEET POTATOES, PUMPKIN, CARROTS, BEET, CITRUS, MELON, WATERMELON, etc., incorporating a new and innovative crop every year

Our goal: Meet the demands of our customers, both in terms of quality and full service, for them we have our own logistics network, reaching our products to any country in Europe

To carry out this service we have a team of professionals who are available to customers 24 hours a day,

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Nuestra tierra situada en un enclave privilegiado, nos permite producir frutas y hortalizas de una alta calidad haciendo posible las expectativas de nuestros clientes.

Direct from the fields

Our land located in a privileged enclave, allows us to produce high quality fruits
and vegetables, making possible the expectations of our customers.

Top quality

First-class products, carefully selected for our customers


We have our own logistics network, which speeds up and reduces delivery